The former Rose Memorial Parlour & Cremation Center – 505 S. 2nd St. Montrose, CO

In August of 2015, I was approached with an opportunity to purchase a historic building in Downtown Montrose, CO, which was built in 1931 to serve as the town’s premier mortuary. Up until December of 2013 when it finally went out of business, it had been in operation as a funeral home since the day it first opened, right near the end of the Great Depression. It has exchanged hands in ownership several times. However, in the last two decades or so and prior to my arrival, operating as Valley Lawn Funeral Home, the business had fallen into the hands of questionable ownership. There were many complaints of malpractice and ethics violations that finally led to the business’ demise.

I am overly optimistic, often to a fault, when it comes to business. I love taking risks. The rewarding feelings the “highs” produce, are incredible. On the contrary, the “lows” can be devastating. Buying and re-opening this troubled location to once again do business as the “new-old funeral home” in town, fit my agenda. The opening, operation, and sadly enough, the closing of the funeral home while under my ownership, will be discussed at great length in my book, set for release near the end of 2021.

What this page was created for, has very little to do with the business I operated at 505 S. 2nd St. in Montrose, CO. The most remarkable part of the building, is the paranormal activity myself and my staff experienced while living and working there. Let me remind everyone, I was perhaps among the biggest skeptics of these types of occurrences, prior to relocating to Colorado. I’ve been in and around funeral homes since 1995 and had never experienced anything that was unexplained. What happened to me in Pagosa Springs changed my outlook. What happened in Montrose though, changed my life forever.

The first day I had possession of the building, was spent unloading a U-haul truck of my belongings. It was a dry September day, and there was much work to be done. The building sat dormant for nearly two years and I was visibly overwhelmed. The previous owners had left many items, both personal and business related, to move around, throw away and for me to try to salvage. My furniture and other items moved to Montrose, needed to be moved to the basement of our new home and business. Strange as it may seem, the only way to access the basement, was via an old service elevator that was formerly used to transport bodies to the basement. Staircases had been boarded up, for reasons unknown. The old “morgue” or preparation room, as it is now referred to, was in the basement. This is where all of the bodies were prepared, embalmed and stored until their final disposition. The photo you see on the left was the first paranormal event we experienced in Montrose. I’ll explain.

The picture is of a standard Walmart-type TV stand. After moving it to the basement, each trip we took down the elevator, we noticed that the back of this TV stand had an image on it that was slowly beginning to form. Again, it was a dry day without the possibility of water damage. This was a mind-blowing, unimaginable occurrence taking place. When the image had stopped developing, I took this photo. It’s from that evening and is exactly what appeared and still remains on the item to this day. Look closely and feel free to comment below on what you see. Again, the image appeared over the course of 45 minutes in the poorly-lit, dank basement we had just begun to move our belongings to. My ex-wife slept at the new funeral home this night, but never would again. I’d never experienced actual tangible evidence of paranormal activity until this. I knew there had to be an explanation, and it would take months before I was able to develop a theory.

The very same night, I decided to take several photos in this huge, creepy basement. Almost every photo I took, had unexplained images that appeared. On the left, this photo was taken at the end of a corridor, which included a room at the end of it. The only item in the room, was a dresser that had a box on top of it, and also a small student-type chair with a chain attached to it. It sat on the floor unattached to anything. If you look closely, you can clearly see an image behind the dresser that represents an entity taking the form of a human-sized body. You may have to enlarge the photo, but it is easily distinguishable.

The head of a little girl, who appears to be causing mischief in this bushel barrel.

The photo above, taken that same day, includes several cremation containers, which are empty of course. To the right of these boxes and circled, is a bushel barrel that was empty. But in this photo, it shows what appears to be a small faceless, female child’s head peeking out the top of it. Very creepy.

The next photograph, was taken some months later. I snapped it while we were renovating what would become the “gallery”, or large banquet room. It formerly served as the showroom where all of the caskets were displayed and sold out of. Looking closely, you’ll notice an image in the floor, of a face almost alien-like in appearance. It turned out, that many faces appearing in my photographs, were of faces embedded in the floor. To this day, the significance of this fact, if any, puzzles me.

Face in the hardwood floor.

Rewinding back to the first week that this building was in my possession, something extraordinary happened. The funeral home also had two residential rentals connected to it. I inherited the responsibility of maintaining and managing them. I was approached early on by the upstairs unit’s tenant and she was noticeably terrified. We hadn’t even met yet, and she demanded to show me a photo that her five year old daughter had snapped on her phone as she cooked dinner. The tenant, a 25 year-old, average looking young lady, appeared in the photo as something far more disturbing. What’s more, is that long after these tenants moved out, similar images were popping up in photos taken in that same kitchen while we were doing a total gut remodel. The photos we took, were of some water damage for the insurance company’s use. Here is the first photo taken with paranormal overtones and brought to my attention by someone other than myself.

Photo of 25 year-old tenant. Snapped by daughter. Clearly not mom.

I hope you’re not too frightened to continue looking at these photos, because they only get creepier. The upstairs tenant later on showed my several other photos. This time they were of her daughter. In each picture she tool of the little girl, the face on the child would appear very distorted. Shadows that appeared as angel wings, would be clearly seen in the photos, as well. I understand that they are shadows, but something about the consistency in several photos is what concerned me.

Angel wings and distorted faces in several photos.
Additional photos of young child.
Angel wing shadows from child.

In the same apartment, long after these tenants moved out, the same face that appeared on the 25 year-old woman, makes another appearance. This time, embedded in the gutted floor. Comment below and tell me what you think.

A face can be seen, resembling the same one captured in several images.

After remodel efforts completed, I began renting the upstairs apartment out on Airbnb. One guest snapped a photo and if you look directly to the left of the woman’s head, there is clearly a face of a male in the reflective glass on the cabinets. It is circled.

One can easily see, taking photos at Rose Memorial Parlour would often produce results capable of making anyone feel uneasy. However, it wasn’t just photographs. Instances quickly began to physically occur as well. For example, objects falling off countertops unassisted, the office intercom system would ring to my office from another office that no one was in, knocks on the ceiling and walls, etc. Trust me, as a lifelong skeptic, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t occasionally question my own sanity. Then one day, as we prepared the newly renovated funeral home for the grand reopening in June of 2016, I made a discovery in the basement that temporarily altered our focus.

Matty Boyle on the front page of the Grand Junction Sentinel – May, 2016.

Scattered around the funeral home’s former “morgue” or preparation room (where human remains were embalmed and prepared for viewing and burial or cremation), were the cremated remains of about 170 decedents. A very sad site to see, indeed. The neglected “cremains” were in boxes, old urns, even pickle jars and coffee cans. We were devastated by what the former owners (several of them) had neglected to do for the families who contracted them to carry out the final disposition, what the deceased’s wishes were. Some were to have been buried at our cemetery, some scattered over the San Juan Mountains. None left instructions to be forgotten about in a dank, moldy basement.

Something had to be done to give these cremains the dignified final disposition that was promised to them, all those years ago. Some dating back as far as 1947. My assistant and I, decided to gather all of the names of those cremains we found, and place them in the local newspapers. Our goal was to hopefully find the heirs or relatives of as many as we could. This made national news and exploded onto TVs and newspapers all over the world. The community was both disgusted by what the former owners had neglected to do, and grateful that we were doing everything we could to correct it. The paranormal instances, which I’ve not even begun to scratch the surface of on this page, suddenly began to possibly have an origin. All of those cremains that had been just left and not disposed of as they wished to be, had to account for some of these disturbances. At least I thought so, anyway. To watch a video of a documentary that was filmed at Rose Memorial Parlour by two paranormal investigators, click here.

This next photo is extremely disturbing. We were doing some rewiring in the funeral home’s main chapel’s audio system. I took the photograph with my Iphone. I was trying to document the work and also have a good photo I could send to a specialist we were working with on the upgrades. What appeared in the picture, seemed to be what I initially thought was a plant we had in the chapel, but later found out that it had been thrown in the trash a week or so before. After further analysis, it appears as though it is a shadow of small child. The only problem, is no children ever had any access or even been in the funeral home, let alone the chapel that was under remodel, up to this point. Tell me what you think in the comments below. Let me remind you, these photos are all authentic. None have been edited or doctored in any way.

Shadow of child/object appearing in rewiring pic in main chapel.

As time goes on, and it gets a bit closer to my book, “The Boyle Report“, being released, I plan to get much more into detail in regards to the extraordinary events that took place in and around Rose Memorial Parlour in Montrose, CO between 2015-2018. I encourage you to check back often right here on “Matty’s List”, where new blogs and posts are written and released weekly, for more content about the paranormal activity at Rose Memorial Parlour and all other subjects that hover around the topics of anything funeral, cemetery or death related. You can also subscribe to my newsletter to stay informed. See more photos below.

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