My first experience with the paranormal occurred sometime in 2014. I’d just acquired a beautiful home on seven riverfront acres, just south of Pagosa Springs, CO and near the famed Archuleta Mesa. The mesa sits on top of the CO/NM border near the town of Dulce, NM. In the topic of everything “alien”, Archuleta Mesa is said to be the site of underground military bases and home to “alien grays”. These are the gray and much larger version of “little green men”. Watch this video to find out more about a CIA operative’s experiences there. The evidence is quite compelling and there certainly are elements of truth involved, in my opinion. However, my experiences are completely unrelated and never included a visit to my property by any of these rumored “ALFs”. Luckily, I didn’t even learn about this information, until I moved a couple of years later. Here are some photos of my property in Pagosa Springs, CO.

The home was nestled directly on the Rio Blanco, or “White River”. The trout fishing was superb and about 50 steps from my living room. It was a beautiful home and I was purchasing it from the former owner, who was relocating with her new boyfriend, to Hawaii. Her husband had recently been tragically killed by a drunk driver on Highway 84, which is the main access road into the town of Pagosa Springs, CO, twenty minutes north. He had built and perfected a good portion of the home while still alive. It was/is undoubtedly, a special place to him. He started a family, raised his child there and cared for the entire property, superbly.

The day I moved in, there was a fishing hat that hung on a hook in the kitchen. The hat was most likely his and it remained there during our tenancy. I figured it’d best be left alone, as a sign of respect. The place was very peaceful during the daylight hours, but at night, it got nearly pitch black outside and very creepy. Like I said, it didn’t take long for the unexplained, odd occurrences to begin. Up until then, I was a “skeptic”. In the paranormal terms, a “skeptic” is someone who doesn’t believe in “ghostly” activity. I’m a mortician now and have worked in funeral homes since the age of fifteen. I hadn’t seen so much as a light flicker in a funeral home. Funeral directors/embalmers, as we are also referred to as, figure out early in our careers, it’s not the dead you should be afraid of. The living are much more frightening than the dead will ever be.

The first thing at the house that couldn’t be explained, was the music. From the main floor of the home, often times I’d hear music coming from the upstairs bedrooms. Doors slamming shut, or footsteps that seemed to be taken in a pattern, would follow or precede the music. To me, this indicated whomever was causing the disturbance, was familiar with the home. This happened primarily in the evening, but it wasn’t unusual to hear during the day. In one daytime incident, my brother and I were standing in the living room of the home, which has an open-floor design, as seen in the photos. My car keys were on the kitchen counter, and we heard the sound of keys, sliding along the tiles. Upon inspection, my keys were now very close to the edge, but not dangling over it yet. We shook it off as odd, but weren’t too alarmed. Returning to our conversation, we were soon interrupted again and this time, the keys hit the hardwood floor. From what I recall, we left the house immediately and I didn’t return until the next day. Odd events like this, happened every so often in my short time living there. An apparition was seen by one of my employees, who was relaxing in the jacuzzi outside. She opened her eyes and what appeared to be a young girl, was standing on the deck of the nearby tree house, with long black hair. “It was grasping the rail, with extremely long fingers hanging over”, she described. That story is especially significant to me, because while I took a relaxing soak one evening, I saw what appeared to be a black and white television on inside the tree house. It was visible clearly through one of the windows. I never once went in the tree house, due to it’s rotted condition, and I don’t regret that decision.

Colorado is generally an active state for paranormal activity. Events reportedly containing elements of unexplained phenomena are not a rarity here. I hypothesized that the occurrences in and around my home, could’ve possibly been caused by the home’s builder, who was killed by a drunk driver, a few years prior. There are additional theories though. During the “Gold Rush” of the 1840s-1870s, river banks in Colorado would be filled with those looking to get rich, by means of panning and mining for gold. Unfortunately, along with that came the trespassing of lands controlled at the time, by Native American tribes. This caused major conflict and even sparked deadly battles between the settlers and the natives. Those explorers seeking gold, often had more advanced weaponry than the natives, giving them the ability to commit massacre-type events. Dozens of casualties among the natives would result from the fighting and proper burial rites, or any for that matter, were ever performed. Rarely, were there ever survivors who were able-bodied enough to do so. The explorers would then pan that portion of the river, ransack the tribal villages for supplies and move on. If burials took place, usually the bodies would be buried under or very near, distinguishable trees. That way the natives would be able to landmark the graves of the dead. My house, being on the banks of the river and having overwhelmingly large trees that are hundreds of years old, represent an area this type of event could’ve taken place.

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What happened in Pagosa Springs, CO, as described above, was only the beginning of my experiences with the paranormal in Colorado. In 2015, I acquired a building in Montrose, CO, built in 1931, specifically designed to be a mortuary. Click here to check out the page from the drop-down titled “Montrose”, to read about the unprecedented events. On that page, you’ll read about my time as the owner/operator of the haunted funeral home. The photos, history and the experiences I recollect in great detail, are all astoundingly bone-chilling. I’ve been told by paranormal investigators, the photos that were taken, are some of the most compelling and tangible pieces of paranormal evidence ever produced.

Do you own or know of a haunted funeral home, cemetery or abandoned funeral home or cemetery thought to be haunted? Have questions? Topic you’d like to see covered? Email me at or Feel free to leave general comments below.

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